Breakout These Vegetarian Recipes Next Time You Grill

Breakout These Vegetarian Recipes Next Time You Grill

Pull out these vegetarian dishes whenever you light up the grill at Metro 303. Source: MorgueFile

The cold weather will be here soon, before we even realize it. Now is the perfect time to get some grilling done at our community barbecue grills. Of course, if you’re having a gathering of friends to enjoy the last days of summer, you might have a few non-meat eaters in the crowd.

If that’s the case, no one has to go without. Show your vegetarian friends you care with these three delicious vegetarian grilling creations:

  • Make your burgers with quinoa, buffalo sauce, and cheddar cheese (use Daiya for a delicious vegan experience) for a great set of quinoa sliders.
  • Go green and flavorful with this amazing recipe for fire-roasted artichokes and green olive dip. The salty and savory dip is a great complement to the garlic-brushed artichokes.
  • You’ll never look at English peas the same way again after you’ve had them in this amazing grilled English peas recipe.

If you’d like more vegetarian grilling recipes, check out this article from Huffpost Taste. Enjoy the remains of the warm weather with a community cookout!

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